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Arizona nurse celebrates after shock second at Boston Marathon

An unknown runner from Arizona celebrated a $75,000 (60,500-euro) payday Monday after shocking the field to claim a second place finish at the Boston Marathon. While American woman Desiree Linden was celebrating her victory in the prestigious event, the spotlight also shone on runner-up Sarah Sellers, an unheralded part-time runner who came in four minutes behind… Read more

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Kids’ fitness is improving, but they still aren’t as fit as their parents were

By Grant Tomkinson, Professor, University of North Dakota and Justin J. Lang, Research associate, University of Ottawa. Kids’ aerobic fitness declined for several decades but shows signs of improving in some countries. stockforce/ Physical fitness is important for success in sports and athletics, but it is also important for good health. If you are generally fit,… Read more

Herbal Supplements

Natural Health Care Approaches You may desire to consider taking thyroid support nutritions and herbs to hike the wellbeing of your endocrine. Biogetica supports you in your right to select natural products for your wellness and well being and learn about. Liquid Health manufactures the most complete line of liquid supplements and natural liquid nutritions ready.… Read more

Herbal Medicine For Natural Healing

Herbal Medicine And Natural Health Its interaction with pharmaceutical agents is one of the most common side effects of herbal medicine. An herbal supplement may contain all of the matters found in a plant, or just two or one of the isolated compounds that have been successfully extracted. Numerous side effects can occur from the interaction… Read more

Overeating? It may be a brain glitch

By Laurel Mellin, Associate Clinical Professor of Family & Community Medicine and Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco. The drive to overeat may be rooted in survival brain circuits. Phovoir/ With springtime comes the desire to shed those few extra pounds, in preparation to don swimsuits and head to the pool. This year, new obesity research… Read more

What Happens To You During A Stroke

Nearly 140,000 Americans die each year due to stroke, which is among the top five causes of death in the country. It is also the leading cause of disability, reducing mobility in many survivors who are over the age of 65. Commonly referred to as a brain attack, it occurs when blood and oxygen are unable… Read more

Why are you always hungry?

Summer is coming and you’re thinking about trying on swimsuits and launching a new healthy living kick. Pronto. Especially the diet part. If you are trying to get fit fast, you are likely moving more and eating less — and grappling with the nagging feeling that you can’t seem to stop feeling hungry. Am I right?… Read more

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Wings for Life World Run returns to battle spinal cord injury

Run for Those Who Can’t at Boulevard on May 6 KUWAIT: At 2 pm on May 6, 2018, tens of thousands across the globe will run, roll, and walk in the Wings for Life World Run. The charity run has one goal: to raise funds for Wings for Life, a foundation that supports the most promising… Read more

You can now add pasta to your list of healthy diet foods, study suggests

Nowadays, people tend to blame carbohydrates for the obesity epidemic, but a new paper suggests that not all refined carbs – that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream – make you fat. Pasta, for example, in spite of being a member of the refined carbohydrate family, has a low glycemic index (GI). Via Pixabay/marker_photography The glycemic… Read more

5 Surprising Foods That May Help Weight Loss

We believe certain food items have a fattening effect on us. However, various studies have found this was not the case. Here are five food items you don’t have to avoid after all. Pistachios Despite the high number of calories in pistachios, it is considered unlikely to cause weight gain in moderate servings. This could be… Read more

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